Choices abound with more than 250 brands under contract through PEPPM's competitive bidding

The vast collection of PEPPM contracts for major brand technology means that IT directors and business administrators have choices when deciding on a technology solution for their agency.

Depending on the season of PEPPM’s bid cycle, the number of product lines available may be more than 400, and the number of individual products available may total more than one million.

By using a PEPPM cooperative contract instead of going to bid by themselves, school districts, universities, and other government agencies will get the technology solution they desire, instead of being stuck with a low-bid solution they don’t want from an unknown, untested vendor.

Choice is power – power to make the best decision for the agency at the lowest total cost of acquisition. Within the collection of PEPPM contracts, decision makers can choose more than just the specific brand of products they want from among the hundreds of contracts. Their options go wider and deeper:

-- Choose a specific Authorized Reseller; some contracts have multiple resellers listed

-- Choose different configurations; some companies – Dell for instance – allows you to customize your machines

-- Choose upgrades; a PEPPM contract covers all items made by the manufacturer

-- Choose green; look for Energy Star and other environmentally friendly technology

-- Choose leasing; PEPPM contracts allow agencies to spread their costs over time

-- Choose services; many contracts include a discount rate schedule for installation and other custom services

-- Choose maintenance; many contracts have SKUs for extended warranties or maintenance

-- Choose a catalog; using a PEPPM catalog contract allows multiple brands to placed on a single purchase order

-- Choose expedience; an order can be executed immediately because all PEPPM contracts have already be awarded through a sealed competitive bid process that meets the requirements of most state laws

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