Strict rules and Best Practices Distinguish the PEPPM Bid Process

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PEPPM is committed to use of best purchasing practices and the highest ethical standards. It solicits bids from thousands of vendors and widely advertises its Request for Bids in multiple publications across the U.S. Bids are awarded by the agency’s Board of Directors in a public meeting. For transparency, PEPPM publishes contract documentation online and makes the current bid prices visible to buyers.

PEPPM's Best Bidding Practices

  •     • Terms and Conditions that are applicable to a substantial number of vendors.
  •     • Wide advertising in local and national publications.
  •     • Free and easy vendor access to bidding documents.
  •     • A prebid meeting open to all interested bidders.
  •     • No competitive advantage offered to a single bidder.
  •     • Sealed competitive bids.
  •     • Public opening of bids.
  •     • Late bids are deemed non-responsive.
  •     • Evaluation for responsiveness and responsibility.
  •     • Evaluation to find the lowest effective bid price.
  •     • Software assistance to compare hundreds of thousands of prices.
  •     • No subjective point-based evaluations.
  •     • No negotiations.
  •     • Award by the board of a public agency with bidding authority.
  •     • Reports required on products sold under the contract.
  •     • Terms and Conditions governing and limiting price increases.
  •     • Ongoing, periodic monitoring of prices.
  •     • Mechanisms to restrict product offerings and product categories.
  •     • Transparent publication of contract documentation.

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