An Overview of how to Initiate a Print Management Solution using a PEPPM Bid

When using a PEPPM Managed Print Solutions Bid, a buying agency is entitled to an assessment of its printer and copier fleet. Following its assessment, the Awarded Vendor is required to present the buying agency a proposal for how it would configure and manage the fleet and what the costs would be.

Costs and standards of service must be spelled out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Statement of Work (SOW) between the Awarded Vendor and the buying agency. The costs specified in the SLA or SOW must be at or below the PEPPM bid price.

The standards of service in the SLA or SOW must be in conformance with PEPPM Terms and Conditions for Managed Print Solutions bids.

Initiating a Managed Print Solution

Contact the Awarded Vendor’s representatives or any authorized reseller. Consult with the Awarded Vendor about your printer and copier fleet. If you and the Awarded Vendor are a good fit, you may ask the Awarded Vendor for an assessment of your printer and copier fleet. This will lead to a proposal from the Vendor for a Service Level Agreement or Statement of Work.

Ordering Instructions

Please see individual Ordering Instructions for each awarded vendor. These instructions are published as PDF files and can be accessed under one of the tabs summarizing contract information detail for each contract. (Go to PEPPM’s Table of Contracts and click on the appropriate contract number in the right column).

Before allowing work to start, send your order to PEPPM. To ensure bid protection and PEPPM discount pricing, you must submit your purchase order or contract documents to PEPPM’s purchase order clearinghouse using one of the methods described below by email (preferred) or fax. Your order must consist of a blanket or open purchase order with a not-to-exceed amount covering your current fiscal year AND a signed copy of your Service Level Agreement or Statement of Work with the vendor.

Submitting an Order to PEPPM

Send your purchase order to PEPPM so that your order can be reviewed for accuracy, archived for audit, and sent electronically to the designated vendor. You have two options for sending PEPPM your PO and attachments:

  • Email to (preferred)

  • Or, Fax to (800) 636-3779 (if faxing, please include contact name, phone number, and email address)

If we find errors, prices above the bid price, or discrepancies on your order, we will call you and counsel you on possible corrections. We strive to send vendors orders that are free of the most common errors made on paper purchase orders. It’s helpful if you place your phone number and email address on your purchase order or cover page.

Vendor Contacts

Names, phone numbers, and other contact information for each Awarded Vendor are located within specific Ordering Instructions, often narrowed down to contacts for a specific state or geographic location

PEPPM’s Contracts for Print Management Solutions Have been Awarded to:

  • Marco Technologies, LLC
  • Xerox Corporation

The PEPPM staff is a group of experienced public sector employees of the Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit in Milton, Pennsylvania. They are leaders in educational purchasing and informaton technology. As purchasing agents, the group solicits bids, evaluates responses, and recommends awards to the agency’s board of directors.

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